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A Beautiful Wedding at Owl’s Nest Resort | Thornton, NH


August 20, 2022

The Lake House at Owl’s Nest Resort & Golf Club Wedding Venue is now open and ready for wedding parties. It’s newly built and just opened a few months ago. My husband Chris and I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing love story at this new wedding venue, and in this blog I’ll be sharing photos of the venue, as well as the love story of Erin and Blake.

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the venue is surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscape. The resort is located in Thornton, NH to be exact, and the bride and groom, Erin and Blake, mentioned to us that they reserved The Lake House at Owl’s Nest Resort over a year in advance, when it wasn’t yet built.

They were shown a picture of what The Lake House would look like when it was just a plot of dirt, and now that vision has come to life!

Inside the Lake House there is ample room for seating, dancing, and everything else you need or want at your wedding. Erin and Blake had over 100 guests attend, and there was a lot of extra room. We definitely did not feel cramped at all!

There is an upstairs and a main level. The seating is on the main level, while a bridal suite, extra storage, and additional seating for guests is available upstairs.

The wedding ceremony took place on the dock that is at the back of the Lake House. It overlooks a beautiful lake and mountains, with a fountain in the lake that lights up at night.

There are doors all throughout the main level that open up to the deck. The deck extends around the Lake House on each side, and is perfect for guests that would like to step away from the party for a minute and enjoy a beautiful view!

We love the White Mountains and the views New Hampshire has to offer, so this was definitely a highlight for us.

The guests at the wedding loved the views too! We saw guests taking photos and selfies outside on the deck all throughout the wedding reception.

For portrait photos, the staff and on sight coordinator drove us around on a golf cart to multiple different photo locations. We went out during golden hour to get those extra colors!

The photo locations included different areas where you could easily see the mountains, and the on sight staff were extremely friendly and willing to help us in every way to get the exact photos Erin and Blake wanted!

Erin and Blake decided to recite their vows privately on a hill overlooking the mountains, before the ceremony started. It was beautiful!

For getting ready, you and your bridesmaids can start the day in one of the vacation houses next to The Lake House. There are individual houses all along the lake that Erin and Blake’s bridesmaids and groomsmen used to get ready.

They are normal-size houses, usually rented out for families to vacation in. They each have a fairly large kitchen, restrooms, and multiple floors and bedrooms.

That’s where I went to capture all these beautiful details that the couple had!

Overall, this was a beautiful wedding venue. You don’t find many venues that have both a lake-view AND mountain-view, but Owl’s Nest Resort Wedding was able to make it happen with their newly built Lake House.

We have a highlight video that shows more details of this stunning wedding day, as well as more gorgeous views of Owl’s Nest Resort on our YouTube page! You can find this video by clicking here or searching “Bright Lights Imagery Owl’s Nest Resort” on YouTube.

The on-sight coordinator was very attentive to all the vendors, and treated everyone with the utmost respect.

The on-sight bar in The Lake House was your normal size bar, but had everything it needed for a fun night! The food was wonderful as well! I eat a lot of “wedding food” from doing over 50 weddings a year, but they one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had at a wedding venue.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning from my experience at the Owl’s Nest Resort! If you are considering having an Owl’s Nest Resort wedding reception and are looking for a photographer who has shot there before, feel free to click the “Contact” link above and send me a message!

I don’t work for the resort, but I’d be happy to share more honest thoughts and photos of what the day at The Lake House was like 🙂

August 20, 2022

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