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Hey there! We are Kayla + Chris. We love each other well and do life together. She leads photo. He leads video. We work together seamlessly for the same vision of telling your story. Oh, and we are obsessed with Starbucks and cats. 

I'm Kayla. I launched my first photo biz in 2013 and rebranded to create Bright Lights, got a studio, and went full time in 2016. I use way too many emojis, love the outdoors (mountains, I'm coming for you) and wake up everyday in awe that my passion is my job. Life is good, and capturing moments for people is pretty awesome. (So are are cats, long walks on the beach... and okay Chris' turn...)

I'm Chris, and I'm in charge of everything video related here at Bright Lights. Sometimes I tag along with Kayla as the second shooter, but when I'm not filming videos, I'm performing magic tricks (I'm a professional... seriously though, I perform magic shows all over New England) Thanks for taking the time to learn about us - we'd love to meet you!


Meet Kayla + Chris


We love exploring the world and are always up for finding new places to shoot. This image was from a destination wedding we captured in Aruba



Maverick and Bear are the rulers of the house. If they are on the bed, we wait to make it. They often snuggle under the covers, and hangout (try to block) by the computer if we work from home (reason #85 why we got a studio) 

fur babies

Quality Time


Why Bright Lights? 

When people hear our name... they think of Pure BLISS. Pure LOVE. HAPPINESS. They think of the sun shinning down on us, radiant and glowing, unleashing a WARM sense of JOY from within.  

Life is worth CELEBRATING! Let us CAPTURE your BRIGHT moments. Let us tell your story. We want our images + films to show your RAW self. REAL moments. REAL emotion. REAL stories. 

"I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life." John 8:12


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Newborn sessions can take place at our studio, where you have access to our prop collection, or in your home. Sessions last up to 2 hours. The session fee is 175, and prints and digital files can be purchased separately.


Please email for a full menu.


Both studio and outdoor sessions are available. Our portrait session fee is 150 and prints and digital files can be purchased separately.


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